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Caoria – Zortea attraverso la Forcella Valsorda

From Caoria (847 m) near to the new Church, take the road indicating Valsorda Valzanca nr. 352. Quite steeply you gain altitude until entering a gentle slope in the woods. Continue until arriving at the location Ponte Stel (1.128 m)
Go beyond the bridge to find the Valsorda Valzanca crossroad. Take the forest road on the right which penetrates into the Valsorda and follow the signposts to upper Malga Valsorda, reachable along a route which is at times steep.
Having reached the Malga (1.824 m) the vast scenery invites you to take a rest. In front you will find the mountain group Arzon and Scanaiol and, further in the distance, the Tognola, the Pale di San Martino and the Lagorai.
Leave the Malga following the path nr. 390 which crosses the pastures and the occasional wood, leading you to the Forcella Valsorda (2.095 m). Here the scenery is indescribable, an abundance of mountains and works of the war. Commence the descent via the paved mule track nr. 344 and then along the Val Zortei, which crosses pastures and woods, scattered with hay barns and rural houses, to arrive at Zortea (1.027 m).
The return to Caoria can be made with the bus service. Given the length of the itinerary it is advisable to undertake it after good training and in fine stable weather.
Itinerary also practicable by mountain bikes.

Group: Scanaiol Tognola, Access path nr. 390

Departure: Caoria 847 m

Arrival: Zortea 1.027 m

Difference in level: climb 1.248 m, descent 1.068 m

Average journey time: climb h 06:00

Cartography: Tabacco f.022-1:25000 Kompass f.622-1:25000

Note: Travers of medium height between the villages Caoria and Zortea. Strenuous itinerary with great differences in height. Not difficult. 

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