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Sagron Mis – Forest refuge in Val delle Moneghe

The itinerary leaves from the forecourt of the Church of Sagron. From here take the road downwards which leads to the hamlets below and beyond the bridge turn right and climb until nearing the quarry. Take the small dirt road which with a gentle incline enters into the woods.
Continue along this small road and following the signs venture into the woods of the Valle delle Moneghe, in a fresh, charming and shady environment. With a calm and relaxing pace you will reach the forest shelter of the Val delle Moneghe (1.265 m), closed and unattended. Inside a table and a small fountain invite you to take a rest in the presence of the impressive Dolomite walls of Piz di Sagron.
The return is made along the same route.
Route practicable also by mountain bike.

Group: Cimonega

Departure: Sagron Mis 1.062 m

Arrival: Rifugio forestale Val delle Moneghe 1.265 m

Difference in level: climb 233 m

Average journey time: h 01:00

Cartography: Tabacco f.022-1:25000 Kompass f.622-1:25000

Note: Well signalled trails and roads. An itinerary until you get in sight of the Piz Sagron. 

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