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Tonadico – Madonna della Luce – Val Canali – Cimerlo

Starting directly from the hotel, follow the Canali stream uphill on the left bank. Pass the Lanterna Verde restaurant on the right until you get to the highway. From here, continue downhill along the sidewalk and cross the road to reach a square where you can study your path, shown on a large map.
Follow the path where, in about 10 minutes, you reach the shrine to the "Our Lady of the Light". The shrine is made of tuff and sits on top of a boulder. It houses the statue of Our Lady of the Rosary, of the shepherdess of Caravaggio and a small statue of the Sacred Heart. It was restored in 2000.
Going uphill along a beautiful forest with streams and small rivulets of water, we reach Castelpietra, now a castle ruin dating back to 1200.
There is still a little climb until you reach Lake Welsperg in Val Canali and then later, along a short path of the “Muse Fedaie”, the Villa Welsperg, headquarters of the Paneveggio Pale di San Martino Park.
The hike ends at Villa Welsperg, but the route continues to the end of Val Canali or you can go up to Mount Cimerlo, suitable for experienced hikers as it becomes challenging; it is a path equipped for long hikes.
The return can be made via the same itinerary, or heading for the Cacciatore restaurant following the path that leads directly to the town of Tonadico and then to the hotel.
The itinerary can also be done on mountain bike.

Group: Val Canali,
Departure: Hotel 750 m

Arrival: Val Canali Villa Welsperg 1.250 m

Difference in level: climb 500 m

Average journey time: climb h 02:00

Cartography: Tabacco f.022-1:25000 Kompass f.622-1:25000

Note: Well-signalled trail and road. An easy hike, little demanding, which leads to places of extraordinary beauty in the Val Canali. 

ORGANIZED ALSO FREE OF CHARGE BY THE HOTEL with private minibus with 8 seats.

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