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Zortea – Malga Valsorda Alta

From Canal San Bovo follow the signposts towards Passo Gobbera and at the crossroads, just before the Pass, take the road on the left for Zortea, Lake Calaita.
From Primiero follow the signs towards Imèr and therefore Passo Gobbera. At approximately 500 meters after the Passo Gobbera in the direction of Canal San Bovo, turn right towards Lake Calaita.
Before the Church of Zortea (at the crossroads with a chapel), on the right a steep asphalted road branches off signposted Forcella Valsorda. Go up the road which after a short while passes the houses of Zortea Alta and along a steep pavement to follow it into the woods penetrating into the Val Zortei (the signposting is excellent).
Continue to climb along some steep parts past farmsteads and rural houses, until thinning out into the woods (at about 1.800 m). The mule track which continues first on a grassy base and then pebbly, offering magnificent scenery, leads you shortly to the Forcella Valsorda (2.095 m), where a magnificent view awaits you of the Dolomite area.
It is possible to make out the Malga Valsorda Alta (1.824 m) which can be reached in 30 minutes from Forcella.
The return is made along the same route as the climb.

Group: Arzon Scanaiol, Access path nr. 344

Departure: Zortea 1.027 m

Arrival: Malga Valsorda Alta 1.824 m

Difference in level: climb 1.337 m (Including the return from the “Malga alla Forcella”)

Average journey time: climb h 05:00

Cartography: Tabacco f.022-1:25000 Kompass f.622-1:25000

Note: Well signalled trails and roads and often frequented. An unforgettable experience in the heart of the Arzon Scanaiol chain. 

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