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Yogafitness®: fit, with harmony

Balance, energy, health
for the body and the mind

Yogafitness® is a special discipline created by Dr. Giovanni Reberschak from CSEN (National Educational Sports Centre).
This series of exercises, based on a harmonious and synergistic balance between body and mind, helps to achieve an optimum level of psycho/physical wellbeing. In fact, the calming action of Yogafitness® combines targeted muscular work, able to restore energy and offer renewed vigour. Both the body and the spirit will benefit from this innovative variant of the Eastern practice which, however, is detached from the mechanisms of breathing techniques and from the involvement of the neurovegetative system of meditation.
In highly researched sequences that favour dynamic movement with respect to stativity, Yogafitness® allows you to burn a great amount of fat, to awaken the metabolism and offer improved articular elasticity.

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