...the possibilities for beauty and regeneration are endless

In our wellness centre in Fiera di Primiero...

...the possibilities for beauty and regeneration are endless

To rediscover a profound psycho/physical harmony, you can take advantage of the wellness & beauty treatments performed in our beauty and wellness centre. The qualified staff is ready to pamper you and satisfy your requests for a sensory experience. Whether it is to smooth the skin with quality cosmetics, eliminate stress and toxins during a hay bath… or try the relaxing sensation of a couples’ massage with exotic scents… Get inspired by our proposals.



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St. Barth Slimness

A relaxing total body massage with products and manual techniques for the well-being and drainage of swollen and heavy legs.

50 min. / € 85
Vitalis Dr. Joseph hay bath

The hay bath is an ancient custom that comes from the farmers' habit of resting after the day's work. We recommend it as a body regenerator and anti-stress. The detoxifying effect, intensified by the preliminary peeling and the stimulating foot pack make it a perfect remedy for muscle and joint pain.

50 min. / € 70
Soin Hydra ’Global

Highly moisturizing and energizing treatment suitable for all skin at any time of the year. The HYDRA² complex (hyaluronic acid booster + hyaluronic acid) stimulates the natural production of hyaluronic acid and elastin, ensuring intense hydration and leaving the skin smooth and supple.

50 min. / € 80
Soin Lumin ’Éclat

Suitable for attenuating the first signs of skin aging and for skin that is subjected to excessive stress and fatigue, which needs to be radiant. The highly performing complex of four flowers (primrose, albizia, violet and euphrasia) offer a glowing complexion by smoothing and harmonizing the texture of the face.

50 min. / € 80
WishPro anti-wrinkle extreme package

WishPro Peel Exfoliator
Compacting / firming WishPro
WishPro Btx or collagen

3 sessions € 150
WishPro treatments

Try the new WishPro technology for a younger face without needles!


We highly recommend WishPro, a patented technique, non-invasive, long-lasting, personalized and suitable for all needs:

For young skin looking for solutions to blemishes
For mature skin that seeks immediate rejuvenation
WishPro facial treatment
WishPro Btx or collagen facial treatment

25 min. / € 60 - 70
Relaxation in a warm cocoon

A moment of complete relaxation, suitable for any time, to escape from the daily routine.


With soothing wrap: € 35
No wrap: € 25        

25 min. / € 25 - 35
Detoxifying mud treatment

A luxurious mudpack with an oxygenating and stimulating effect combats stress by relaxing muscles and purifying the body of toxins. A peeling with salts for a draining effect precedes the treatment. Suitable at any time of the year, excellent combined with a total relaxing massage or a specific anti-cellulite massage.

50 min. / € 70
Soin Sensi’Repair

Recommended to meet the needs of sensitive skin with couperose or rosacea. In addition to intense relaxation, it soothes the discomfort of irritated skin and makes it more resistant to external aggressions.

50 min. / € 80
Hair removal half leg including bikini line€ 30
Draining bandages with lymph massage

Draining treatment suitable for those suffering with heaviness in the lower limbs, oedema, water retention. The cold bandages with sea salt, combined with the lymphatic massage optimise and help eliminate water retention, offering an immediate sensation of lightness.

50 min. / € 80
Back cleansing

Cleansing treatment of the back with detoxifying mud and final massage.

50 min. / € 70
Soin Corps Exfoliant Sublime

A gentle exfoliating massage that helps detoxify the skin of the body and face followed by intense hydration with relaxing massage techniques to restore lost energy.

60 min. / € 80
Soin Lift’Expert

Revolutionary anti-aging treatment for mature skin where the signs of aging are beginning to show.

An exclusive remodelling massage that plumps and firms, combined with innovative products to redefine the contours of the face and help mitigate the skin aging process.

50 min. / € 80
Classic massage50 min. / € 70
Circulatory modelling

Specifically for combatting cellulite, localised fat and poor tone thanks to the use of concentrated active ingredients with a high-impact effect.

50 min. / € 70
Hair removal half leg€ 20
Soin Suprème Yeaux

A targeted and complete treatment for the delicate area around the eyes. A specific mask combined with manual massage, which smooths wrinkles, drains, and reduces the signs of fatigue and stress typical of the eye area.

50 min. / € 80
Children’s massage25 min. / € 35
Glamour Body

Muscle tension due to excessive stress and annoying stiffness will ease with skilful manual techniques alternating with the use of hot lava stones. Calm your senses and enter a state of total peace for body and mind.

60 min. / € 85
St. Barth Special

A total immersion in the intoxicating exotic fragrances with the products of Ligne St Barth.


A unique and enveloping experience that includes:


Cleansing massage for silky skin with Caribbean sand, coconut oil, yogurt and papaya.
Relaxing rehydrating full body massage with choice of your favourite Caribbean milk.
Personalized illuminating or detoxifying facial treatment with exclusive products by Ligne St Barth

130 min. / € 250
St. Barth Harmony Massage

Regenerating massage that utilizes natural products that work deeply, offering an intense feeling of relaxation and improves skin tone.

50 min. / € 80
Aromatic massage

Enveloping and unforgettable couples’ massage with warm oils and personalized essences. Continue your complete relaxation while sipping a drink in the relaxation areas.

50 min. / € 130
Sensation massage for couples with illuminating facial treatment

Enveloping and cuddly couple massage with exotic scents, with a complete facial treatment for a total well-being of skin and soul.

75 min. / € 200
Only You and Me

An exclusive ritual to share with your loved one, complete with cleansing and face / body massage performed with natural Caribbean products, with the alluring scents of Ligne St. Barth.

100 min. / € 280
Glamour Facial

This rehydrating facial ritual is best described as relaxing, illuminating, lightening and recharging. Accompanied by a relaxing massage with lava stones on the neck, shoulders and feet.

60 min. / € 85
Glamour Welcome

A sequence that begins with relaxing massage techniques with oil and hot stones on the back, neck and shoulders, ending with a detoxifying foot treatment combined with a foot massage. A ritual to restore a state of complete balance.

60 min. / € 85
Face cleansing

Not a classic facial cleansing, but a real treatment that prepares, decongests and rehydrates, minimizing the stress of squeezing. Suitable for skins with impurities to be removed.

70 min. / € 85
Classic back25 min. / € 35
Classic leg25 min. / € 35
Face massage25 min. / € 35
St. Barth Sensation

Sumptuous regenerating body wrap for an intense hydration of the body. A perfumed relaxing massage will intensify the absorption of the products and relieve you of any tension.

50 min. / € 85
Peeling St. Barth Softness

A cleansing of the body and face that turns into a massage where relaxation is key. The result is silky, soft and perfumed skin thanks to the Ligne St Barth. Luxurious products composed of exotic flowers and fruits for total immersion into the Caribbean world.

60 min. / € 80
Facial treatments Ligne St. Barth

All-natural personalized facial treatment to restore vitality to the complexion with precious active ingredients from the Caribbean islands with deeply relaxing exotic fragrances.

The pink clay mask is to rehydrate and illuminate dehydrated skin showing signs of fatigue; the green clay is to purify the skin from impurities and excess sebum.

50 min. / € 80
Hair removal whole leg€ 30
Himalaya salt bath

Ideal for a new charge of energy, freeing the body and mind from stress and excessive tension. A micro massage performed with the combination of precious oils, and pink salt (rich in minerals, trace elements and iron) will make your skin soft and silky. The session in the warm cocoon wrap offers new vigour, eliminating every form of fatigue.

50 min. / € 70
Cold legs massage

The alternation of cold stone and the warmth of the hands create a vasoconstricting effect to drain and lighten the effect of heaviness in the legs.

30 min. / € 45
Hot back massage

The use of hot stone and soothing oils preceded by neuro-relaxing manual skills to de-stiffen, relax and relieve muscle tension in the back, shoulders and neck.

€ 30 min. / € 45
Massage of the extremities (head, hands and feet)

Holistic massage: working on the extremities of the body (head, hands and feet) bringing back the energetic balance and a sensation of total lightness.

25 min. / € 40
4 hands massage

The dexterity confounds the mind with a feeling of body weightlessness that is felt continuously until you abandon yourself to total relaxation.

50 min. / € 110
Vitalis Massage Resonanz - Abdomen

A specific massage aimed at abdominal discomfort: swelling, constipation and tension.

An exclusive Dr. Joseph method that uses the cupping technique combined with the resonance of Tibetan bells to help intestinal activity find the correct balance through relaxation.

35 min. / € 55
Vitalis Massage Resonanz - back

A unique method of its kind with a particular use of rolls of sulphur, together with the technique of cupping and the natural active principles of high effectiveness. To reduce the circumference of the waist, to tone and firm the abdominal profile.

50 min. / € 70
Vitalis Massage Resonanz – cellulite

The combination of massage, the technique of cupping and the vibration of Tibetan bells, in an extraordinary massage to combat unsightly cellulite, for velvety and firm skin.

50 min. / € 70
Vitalis Massage – Vital Boli

Regenerating massage with hot pads personalised with aromatic herbs and precious vegetable oils. Vitalising for muscles and joints, it offers energy and wellbeing for relaxation of the body and mind. Also ideal following a sporting activity.

50 min. / € 85
Ayurvedic massage

Ayurvedic derives from the ancient Indian philosophy. The science and knowledge of life which considers man in its entirety as a font of energy in continuous transformation. An embracing massage offering psycho-physical rebalancing.

50 min. / € 80
Pedicure for very demanding feet

The treatment includes a complete pedicure followed by a peeling and nourishing pack with absorption massage. Great for feet with dryness and calluses.

€ 55
Manicure with normal nail polish application€ 25
Re-application of hand or foot polish€ 13
Semi-permanent nail polish application on hands or feet€ 30
Semi-permanent nail polish removal with base polish application only€ 18
Semi-permanent nail polish application with manicure€ 40
Modelling foot or hand mask

Thermo-active cast with regenerating, nourishing and restructuring properties. Ideal for sensitive and highly dehydrated hands and feet.

€ 40
Pedicure with normal nail polish€ 35

It comes from the Ayurvedic discipline and consists of a constant pouring of warm oil on the forehead, preceded by a massage that pays particular attention to energy rebalancing. At the end, a massage on the scalp will help to free the mind from thoughts and tensions, while the sound of Tibetan bells will awaken from deep relaxation.

70 min. / € 120
Hair removal of the inguinal region€ 15
Hair removal arm€ 17
Pedicure with semi-permanent nail polish application€ 50
Hair removal under arm or eyebrows€ 8
Hair removal upper lip€ 5
Hair removal back€ 22
Hair removal whole leg including bikini line€ 40
Hair removal chest€ 18
Hair removal bikini, upper thigh€ 18
... for him

Partial massage - 25 min.
Hot back massage - 30 min.
Ligne St Barth personalized facial treatment - 50 min.

€ 160
... for her

Soin Corp exfoliant sublime: delicate exfoliating face and body massage followed by soothing massage to renew lost energy - 60 min.
WishPro facial treatment with massage - 50 min.

€ 160
... for Mum

Face Glamour: rehydrating facial ritual accompanied by a relaxing massage with lava stones on the neck, shoulders and feet - 60 min.
Massage of the poles (head, hands and feet), relaxing and rebalancing - 25 min. 

€ 120
... for kids

Perfumed oil massage -25 min.
Pampering and well-being in the Soft-Pack hot water cradle - 25 min.

€ 50
Beauty Day Sensation of the Dolomites

Relaxing hot bath in the tub with a drink to sip in a relaxing atmosphere with soft candlelight
Full body massage with scented oils and mini facial treatment
Daily entry to the spa on the day the treatments are performed
Light lunch

75 min. / € 130
Beauty Day Freshness of Lagorai

Detoxifying, relaxing and vitalizing treatment, excellent for regenerating the skin and dissolving muscle tension; the precious emulsion based on oil and aromatic salts is massaged on the whole body and then left to activate while resting in the waterbed, offering a draining and relaxing action of the entire spine.


Relaxing full body massage for 25 minutes
Daily entry to the spa on the day the treatments are performed
Light lunch

75 min. / € 130
Relaxing massage with warm aromatic oils50 min. / € 75
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